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Thermal Proximity Systems (TPS) is a certified partner and reseller of Turing Video. Turing Video’s Turing Shield is a comprehensive solution that meets the burden of detection, offers fully-encrypted data storage, and provides contact tracing in compliance with state and federal laws and guidelines. The latest generation of the Turing Shield is pending FDA-approval and in compliance with FDA Safe Harbor regulations. Single person and multi-person models are available.


Features include:

– Customizable Health Questionnaire

– HIPAA Compliant Data Storage

– Face Mask Detection

– Temperature screening (±0.5°F/±0.3°C)

– Access Control – HID card access, badge printing and more

– Centralized Monitoring of all Thermal Scanners

– Safe and Secure Record Keeping with configurable Biometric Data

– Real Time Alerts via Email/SMS

– Contact Tracing based on Biometric Data

– Simple and Easy Reporting to support new COVID-19 Legislations



TPS provides our clients with the necessary protocols and procedures to put in place to reopen safely with peace of mind that they are protected, their employees and customers are protected, and they are in full compliance with the latest best-practices and regulations. 

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