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Thermal Proximity Systems (TPS) Distance Plus systems provide a non-contact method to safely, responsibly and quickly track distancing and proximity of individuals. If individuals are not within the preset range (usually 6ft) an automatic alert is sent to the designated operator to warn of those who come in close proximity.

How It Works

Distance Plus uses sophisticated sensors and passive distancing and proximity of individuals in a specific location. Predefined alerts can be programmed for a more efficient fight against COVID-19. The system alerts when individuals are too close to one another reducing stress in today’s new normal while increasing the safety of employees and visitors.

System Features

  • Automated Screening to keep employees and visitors safe

  • Monitors who is coming and who is going

  • Safely, responsibly and quickly tracks distancing and proximity of facility

  • Actionable alerts provided to warn you of distancing and escalating crowds

  • Contact Tracing analyze the collected data to identify employees or visitors who have been in contact with the infected individual

  • Recommended use in commercial buildings, healthcare facilities, educational institutions, airports, metro stations, and public gathering locations


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TPS Operator Services is available onsite or offsite, with 24/7 monitoring. Whether your in search of a full time operator, augmented operator, or after hours our a la carte pricing ensures that our services and pricing fit your specific needs and budget. Highly effective service for monitoring before/after hours vendors such as cleaning crews. Customized maintenance package(s) are available.

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