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TPS Thermal Protect is a highly accurate, thermal body temperature monitoring system allowing for quick, accurate, non-contact detection of elevated body temperatures to help reduce the stresses in today's new normal, all while increasing the safety of employees and visitors!

How Does It Work?

The devices read skin surface measurements to calculate the individuals core body temperature. If that temperature is above the configured range , an alert is automatically provided to the designated operator. These systems can also be programmed to detect if a mask is on. Your data is secure and encrypted and can be programmed with various dashboard rules in place.

Ideal for:


  • High foot traffic scanning (Standalone)

  • Non-contact individual scanning

  • Data reporting for contract tracing

  • Multiple entrance monitoring

  • Onsite and offsite monitoring/maintenance

  • Enterprise solution integration with API available for access control, email alerts and more

remote op.jpg


TPS Remote Operator Service is available onsite or offsite, with 24/7 monitoring. Whether your in search of a full time operator, augmented operator, or after hours our a la carte pricing ensures that our services and pricing fit your specific needs and budget. Highly effective service for monitoring before/after hours vendors such as cleaning crews.

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