• Ashley McGough

Why Proximity Monitoring is Fundamental in a Pandemic

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

The adoption of automated technologies is an emerging method for keeping employees and visitors safe in organizations of all sizes. Methods such as real-time tracking of personal devices and configurable wearable devices send an automatic alert (vibration, LED, or audio) of individuals when they come within a certain distance of others to proactively monitor and maintain social distancing guidelines.

The problem organizations are facing with following the social distancing guidelines in the workplace, is ensuring that the rules are being followed. Industries labeled as essential, such as the construction industry, require tasks that involve multiple workers working closely with others are struggling to maintain proper social distancing.

Social distancing is a daily practice that many individuals are having difficulty with when it comes to remembering to stay 6ft away from others. Automated distance and proximity monitoring provides the reminder and actionable alerts when proper social distancing is not being followed. Employers gain the ability to monitor data and perform contact tracing to identify and isolate any individuals that may have been exposed.

As the world attempts to get back to normal and economies open, organizations need to adopt methods for continual management of COVID-19. Distance and proximity monitoring solutions are powerful, scalable methods for maintaining and regulating social distancing and contact tracing in the workplace. Distance Plus® proximity monitoring is a cost-effective and secure method to ensure that employees and visitors are safe, and that outbreaks can be managed at some level.

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