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Why is temperature screening important?

Due to the global outbreak of COVID-19, society is genuinely concerned about the spread of infection and seeking ways to help slow and ultimately stop the outbreak of the virus. Because of this, workplace temperature tracking continues to become more common at both large employers and small businesses. Tracking individuals body temperatures can provide early warnings of fevers and infections.

Thermal Proximity Systems (TPS) offers a suite of fever screening solutions that use thermal imaging to help organizations mitigate against the spread of the coronavirus. The thermal imaging technology provides an automated approach to detect human temperatures and provide an alert should it identify an individual with an elevated temperature. To enable use in different situations, the technology has been developed in several formats from handheld devices to mounted cameras and standalone systems.

TPS's team of safety specialists offer best practice guidelines and procedures to help organizations manage individuals with elevated body temperatures. For instance, a potential infected individual is flagged for an elevated temperature. That individual could be redirected to a safe area for a secondary screening before determining if access will be allowed or denied. Our fever-screening solutions paired with these guidelines, will allow organizations to protect their employees and visitors by minimizing the risk of spreading COVID-19 infections. Get started, contact us today: (508) 356-4830.

TPS Thermal Protect Brochure
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