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Why is temperature scanning important for my business?

As the country opens back up, business owners everywhere are looking for ways to protect their employees and visitors from the spread of COVID-19. One of the common symptoms of the global virus is an elevated temperature.

Thermal body temperature scanning has quickly emerged in organizations of all sizes and can provide an essential role in identifying individuals with elevated temperatures from entering the facility. This process provides a a safer and more efficient approach to temperature screening compared to the traditional process of taking an individual's temperature with a handheld or oral thermometer. When a temperature is taken by the manual process it usually involves the individual performing the temperature check to come in close contact with the individual getting their temperature checked, putting one another at risk of transmission if one of them is infected with the virus. Each time the device comes in contact with a person's skin it then needs to be disinfected before being used again. This creates an inefficient, unsafe process for both the business and the consumer. Thermal Proximity Systems Thermal Protect provides an automated, quick and contactless screening process that is safe and effective for both the business users and customers. This system eliminates the need for human involvement and mitigates the risk of potential transmission of the virus in your workplace.

Implementing this technology into your organization provides:

Peace of mind: Provides an added level of protection that makes employees and visitors feel comfortable and safe in the establishment

Protection: Enabling a screening process at your location(s) allows you to protect your customers, employees and visitors by quickly identifying individuals with elevated temperatures and preventing them from potentially infecting others. Convenience: The automated temperature scanner and screening system is performed quickly and with no contact. Requiring very little interaction by individuals providing an additional layer of safety with minimal business interruption.

TPS Thermal Protect Brochure
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