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Why haven't you considered Social Distancing & Contact Tracing Solutions?

Build a more versatile, resilient organization while supporting the safety and well-being of your people.

Today, social distancing is key to slowing down the spread of the ongoing global pandemic of Coronavirus (COVD-19). This epidemic has taught us that often people that are sick are spreading the virus before they have even developed any symptoms that would indicate that they are in fact infected with the virus. This grey area between infected and not infected is creating a vital demand for organizations to look at ways to keep their staff and visitors separated and at least 6ft apart from one another at all times.

Social distancing is a safety tool and first line of defense for everyone towards staying healthy during this epidemic. Thermal Proximity Systems' (TPS) Distance Plus systems provide an automated proactive and preventative approach towards properly and consistently monitoring social distancing within your organization. The system uses sophisticated sensors and passive distancing and proximity of individuals in a specific location. Predefined alerts can be programmed for a more efficient fight against COVID-19. The system alerts when individuals are too close to one another to remind them to remain a safe distance apart. This approach helps to reduce stress in today’s new normal while increasing the safety of employees and visitors.

Technology advancements have enabled reliable enforcement of distancing guidelines and maintain record of interactions for vital contact tracing to identify individuals who may have come into contact with infected persons.

To safely reopen, you need to be able to conform your processes, implement policies, educate your team, and create new approaches fast. TPS works with organizations to help analyze and refocus, to ensure that you’re ready to return to the workplace and get back to business safely. Contact TPS to get started (508) 356-4830!

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