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Virus-Proof the Classroom: How do UV Sanitizers Work?

With the significant amount of uncertainty when school will return to full in person learning, and with the staggered approach of hybrid learning, classrooms all over the country need to determine and introduce best practices when it comes to disinfecting and sanitizing devices to reduce risk of transmission.

Across the world, we are fighting an invisible enemy. We need to take efforts to break the chain of transmission at every possible step. Making classrooms safe again in today's normal requires basic protective supplies including masks for teachers and students, heightened sanitizations and cleaning protocols, and comprehensive best practices to protect the health and safety of everyone.

Schools, colleges, and universities have been turning to UV sanitation technology to keep technology devices safe and clean. Chargetech UV Clean and Charge Carts are specifically designed for classrooms and businesses in mind. UV laptop and tablet sanitizers are the most effective way to disinfect technology devices. While the devices are being charged, these UV carts can run a 5-minute UV disinfection cycle to keep technology safe and clean.

chargetech UV Carts - TPS
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Interested in learning more about how these devices can help increase safety, improve sanitization and cleaning protocols, and build confidence for a safer return initiative?

Contact Thermal Proximity Systems at | (508) 356-4830 to speak with a Safety Specialist today!

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