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Viral video shows how social distancing can save lives

While you may be ready for the COVID-19 pandemic to be gone, as positive cases continue to rise across the country, practicing social distancing is still important! A video made by Juan Delcan and Valentine Izaguirre shows matches representing healthy people until they are lit and in close proximity to one another, set each other alight. that is until one match steps out of line preventing the flame from continuing to spread.

Maintaining social distance, however, can be difficult in the workplace, especially in construction and other businesses where employees must work side-by-side to complete their job duties.

Still, local, state, and federal officials recommend employers make the needed changes to ensure social distancing, and employers should be eager to implement them. Maintaining social distance on worksites reduces the risk of employees spreading the virus amongst themselves. An outbreak within the workplace can stop work, lead to health issues for some individuals, and create liability risks for the business.

Automate Social Distancing with Technology

Social distancing technology uses the latest advancements, including the Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud technology, to identify areas where workers are not maintaining a safe working distance from each other.

Our Distance Plus solution utilizes wearable technologies to help monitor the workplace or on worksites where workers are congregating or where tasks require too many workers to be in one spot together. With the information, employers can remind workers of social distancing guidelines or redesign workspaces and/or shifts to limit who is in the same space at the same time.

While these platforms provide critical visibility into worksites, they also provide workers with actionable alerts when they’re too close to one another, so they can ensure they remain a safe distance apart.

The system also safely collects data about worker interactions to help supervisors understand where areas they need to modify workspaces and tasks to limit interactions on worksites. With it, they also can trace who came into contact with an individual who was later diagnosed with COVID-19 to help prevent transmission and support OSHA's record-keeping requirements

During these unprecedented times, as organizations begin to return to normal, social distancing technology makes it possible for them to not just get back to work, but to demonstrate to their employees and customers that they’re committed to maintaining a safe workplace. Learn more about Distance Plus

Contact Thermal Proximity Systems to learn more about how our systems can partner with your organization to help safeguard your employees and customers - as well as your future business. Talk to a Safety Specialist today: (508) 356-4830!

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