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Using Technology to Enhance Safety

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

Ensuring that your employees and visitors are adhering to the protocols in place insight of the global COVID-19 epidemic is a challenging task for most. Technology advancements are being used to create an automated safety approach for organizations across the globe. While also eliminating the need for additional personnel to perform the routine checks and taking away human interaction altogether. Thermal body temperature monitoring systems allow organizations to implement and maintain a reliable and safe process, almost effortlessly. All while enhancing the safety of everyone within the environment.

Our Thermal Body Temperature Monitoring systems were developed to help safely resume operations while building confidence within the organization. The AI-based system uses sophisticated cameras to perform automated temperature screening and face mask detection to provide a proactive and preventative approach towards keeping everyone's health and safety top of mind. If an elevated temperature is detected, the individual is not cleared to proceed and an alert is sent to the designated operator to continue with a secondary screening or perhaps another process set by the organization.

These technology advancements in our systems enable organizations to perform safe, non-contact, non-invasive temperature checks, enforce mask-required guidelines, perform CDC standard questionnaires, and maintain records of interactions for compliance requirements. Additional features include APIs for access control, ensuring only healthy individuals are able to enter your facility.

What's your temperature screening policy? Contact Thermal Proximity Systems to learn how these systems can partner with your organization to increase safety, reduce stress, and build confidence for a safer return.

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