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U.S. adds 1 million cases in just four days, now above 15 million

A recent article from CNBC News shares that on average, 200,000 Americans are testing positive for the Coronavirus (COVID-19) every day. Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation's top expert on infectious disease warned the country that we will see a Thanksgiving-related spike in COVID cases and hospitalization by the end of this month, just ahead of other upcoming holidays.

For business owners, this creates a large amount of concern regarding the unknown risk that comes with having employees that are returning back to the workplace after time off from the holiday season.

Thermal body temperature scanning, social distancing, and contract tracing technologies provide actionable alerts when employees are detected with elevated temperatures (typical threshold is set at 99.3°F), stand too close to one another, and records those close interactions to partner with your organization to support OSHA’s new record-keeping requirements.

Thermal Body Temperature Scanning System

Thermal Body Temperature Scanning systems were developed to help safely resume operations while building confidence within the organization. The Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based system uses sophisticated cameras to perform automated temperature screening and face mask detection to provide a proactive and preventative approach towards keeping everyone's health and safety top of mind. If an elevated temperature is detected, the individual is not cleared to proceed and an alert is sent to the designated operator to continue with a secondary screening or perhaps another process set by the organization. These technology advancements in our systems enable organizations to perform safe, non-contact, non-invasive temperature checks, enforce mask-required guidelines, perform CDC standard questionnaires, and maintain records of interactions for compliance requirements. Additional features include APIs for access control, ensuring only healthy individuals are able to enter your facility.

Automate Social Distancing

It has been determined early on that social distancing from another with a minimum of six feet is necessary to limit the spread of the virus. Distance Plus technology allows companies to no longer have to identify and separate workers who get too close together. Instead, our wearable technologies provide active feedback with audible alerts so that employers who get too close instantly know to move farther apart.

Reliable Contract Tracing

Contact tracing initiatives have been adopted across the country to determine who individuals with COVID-19 have been in contact with over a period of time. In regards to job sites, facilities, and offices, tracking who an employee has been around over a period of days or weeks can be impossible to determine. Contract tracing technology that utilizes wearable devices enables the passive collection of employee interactions. These systems identify individuals who were in close proximity to each other while at the workplace. When an individual in the workplace tests positive for COVID-19, our automated systems provide accurate data that employers can quickly utilize to effortlessly comply with OSHA regulations and keep their employers and business safe.

These technology solutions provide a safer working environment for organizations of all sizes to get back to business while helping to limit the spread of COVID-19. Contact Thermal Proximity Systems to learn more about how our systems can partner with your organization to help safeguard your employees and customers - as well as your future business.

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