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Technology is a weapon in the fight against COVID-19

As COVID-19 cases continue to rise across the world, organizations are working hard to develop innovative solutions to fight the pandemic. Manufacturing companies such as Turing Video have led the way using artificial intelligence, data science, and technology. These companies are teaming up with clinicians, engineers, and government entities to reduce the overall spread of COVID-19. As we continue to fight the management and eventual eradication of the virus, here are innovative ways organizations are helping to increase safety on the frontlines.

Artificial Intelligence

The COVID-19 pandemic is not the first time we have seen artificial intelligence (AI) applied. In a global crisis, the use of smart tools and technology is accelerated vastly to improve the safety and wellbeing of everyone impacted. AI is a valuable tool for the early diagnosis of COVID-19 and for providing advanced safety solutions such as social distancing technology and contract tracing.

Predictive Analytics

Another form of AI, predictive analytics are used to predict future outbreaks. For example, Bluedot built a platform using AI and big data that combines public health, medical expertise, and advanced data analytics to predict, track, and mitigate contagious diseases and outbreaks. Every 15 minutes, this program process data from around the world, including CDC and WHO official data. It also uses media reports to find out more and identify hot spots. This platform alerted government clients in December 2019 about "unusual pneumonia" cases in Wuhan, China. The program correctly identified the next 20 cities that would have been affected within seconds.

Fever Detection Cameras

In today's face-paced environments, ensuring that your employees and visitors are adhering to the protocols in place insight of the global epidemic is a challenging task. Technology advancements are being used to detect elevated body temperatures before entering establishments to create an automated safety approach. While also eliminating the need for additional personnel to perform the routine checks and taking away human interaction altogether. Thermal body temperature monitoring systems allow organizations to implement and maintain a reliable and safe process, almost effortlessly, all while enhancing the safety of everyone within the environment. As states continue to reopen, this technology can be implemented in many institutions going forward (i.e., restaurants, workspaces, etc.) to monitor for signs and symptoms quickly.

Contact Tracing

The CDC has implemented contract tracing to track and monitor the contacts of COVID-19 infected individuals with the goal to stop the spread of the infectious disease. The infected individuals are interviewed by contact tracers to obtain the necessary information on others who they may have unknowingly exposed to the virus. Contact tracing tools allow electronic se-reporting and to identify community contacts unknown to the infected individual by using location data.

Distance and Proximity Monitoring

Social distancing technology uses the latest advancements, including the Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud technology, to identify areas where individuals are not maintaining a safe distance from each other. Wearable technologies were developed to help monitor the areas where individuals are congregating. With the information, employers can remind workers of social distancing guidelines or redesign workspaces and/or shifts to limit who is in the same space at the same time. The systems also safely collect data about individual interactions to help organizations understand where areas they need to modify spaces to limit interactions. With it, they also can trace who came into contact with an individual who was later diagnosed with COVID-19 to help prevent transmission and support OSHA's record-keeping requirements

During these unprecedented times, as organizations begin to return to normal, all of the above technology makes it possible for them to not just get back normal, but to strengthen their defense against COVID-19, while creating measurable safety enhancements for employees and visitors!

Contact Thermal Proximity Systems to learn more about how our systems can partner with your organization to help safeguard your employees and customers - as well as your future business. Talk to a Safety Specialist today: (508) 356-4830!

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