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Social distancing solution for face mask detection to support organization looking to safely operate

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), wearing a face mask has been assumed to prevent the spread of COVID-19. This has been established as a mandatory safety measure for many workplaces across the world.

Our partners at Hanwha Techwin recently introduced a Face Mask Detection application to further help organization operate in the COVID-19 era. The application runs on open-platform Wisenet X Series cameras and uses innovative video analytics to detect if a person entering a facility is not wearing a mask. If a mask is not present, a customized audio message, such as "Please wear a face mask" will trigger to alert the individual to put their mask on before being allowed to enter.

This application can both detect and analyze up to 4 people from a distance up to 16 feet from a camera. The device is not affected by hats or glasses and is able to detect if a mask is not being worn correctly.

The Face Mask Detection application can be ordered pre-loaded or selected Wisenet X network models:

Network Network Network Vandal-Resistant

Box Camera IR Bullet Camera Dome Camera Network Dome Camera

Hanwha's Face Mask Detection Application is flexible and scalable cost-effective solution that does not require a server. For more information contact Thermal Proximity Systems today (508) 356-4830 /

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