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School Leaders Considering Fully Remote Learning if Coronavirus Rates Continue to Climb

Recently, Boston Public Schools announced that they are suspending in-person learning due to the increased 7-day COVID-19 positivity rate in the City of Boston. The city reported it's 7-day average COVID-19 positive test rate was reported at 5.7%, an increase from last week’s rate of 4.5%. Students were instructed to remain in remote learning until there are two full weeks of falling infection rates.

As of today, the country's first and only line of defense against the growing rates of the virus is to remain separated from one another. For schools to implement and enforce social distancing while inside of the facility is almost impossible, even with staggered hybrid schedules for onsite learning between students. Social distancing is a daily practice and for students and even faculty, reminders to remain apart can play a key role towards keeping everyone aware to remain separated.

It is critical when developing your organizations reopening plan to consider the safest and most reliable protocols for both in person and hybrid learning to mitigate the potential risks that will eventually effect the district's health.

Thermal Proximity Systems (TPS) partners with organizations to proactively plan ahead, while identifying key considerations for a safe return imitative. Our Thermal Body Temperature Monitoring, Distance and Proximity Monitoring and Contact Tracing Systems were developed using advanced technology to enhance organizations reopening strategies to increase safety, reduce stress, and build confidence for a safer return.

Contact TPS to learn how our systems and services can partner with your organization today!

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