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Putting employees at the center of your strategy for a safer and smarter return

How do you reopen safely and smartly with flexibility to adapt to chancing circumstances?

Thermal Proximity Systems (TPS) helps organizations make these difficult decisions to build a safe return plan that prioritizes employee and visitors' health, safety, and confidence.

Our Covid Safety Solutions use data, Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology and Internet of Things (IoT) sensors to help decision making in three significant areas: workplace entry and facilities management, workplace safety, and contract tracing and record keeping management.

With TPS' elevated body temperature monitoring, social distancing and proximity management and contract tracing systems provide many benefits - one of which the ability to manage through disruption. Data from these systems are used to monitor and manage risk levels throughout the workplace, adhere to new policies and guidelines and optimize space with confidence, while keeping sensitive data private and secure!

Whether you are opening back up at full capacity or considering a hybrid work model, deciding how to bring people back into the workplace needs is a complicated process. TPS will guide you while building a return to work plan that puts your people at the center of your safety strategy, while ensuring it meets the needs of the business.

Learn how your organization can use the full suite of TPS solutions to increase safety, manage disruptions, and analyze the environment as needed with confidence!

Learn about full suite of services or contact us directly at (508) 356-4830 or

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