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Preventative Measures with Access Control Solutions

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

Temperature screening systems are the most efficient and cost-effective approach available for schools, gyms, retail and industries everywhere. During the lock-down phases of the pandemic, those of us who had to venture out to grocery shop, access public transportation or receive medical care certainly encountered the security guard or designated personnel for these organizations that were performing manual screenings processed with handheld devices upon entrance into their establishment. This process, caused expected delays but, at the time, was perceived as a temporary phase.

For the foreseeable future temperature screening is here to stay. The current notion of a designated personnel manually screening employees and visitors will need to be reassessed based on the permanent necessity of performing these screenings and the productivity and costs associated with it.

There are a variety of models to fit every environment including: handhelds, kiosks, wall mounts, desktops and standalone systems (for high traffic areas). These systems consist of a sophisticated camera based device and Artificial-Intelligence based software that once set up where desired, automatically screens individuals and has the ability to grant access by unlocking doors or turnstiles based on body temperature measurements, facial recognition, or whether or not the person is wearing a face mask (if applicable). If the individual does not meet the predetermined thresholds, access is denied and an alert is sent to the designated operator to initiate the organizations secondary process. These systems can be used in conjunction with the security guard or designated personnel. The live monitor provides a useful tool for that individual who will no longer need to perform the manual screenings but rather monitor the live feed nearby, and perform the secondary screening/process as needed. Assisting to keep employees and visitors safe.

Thermal Proximity Systems® (TPS) offers a first line of defense approach utilizing state of the art technology while organizations return safely to the workplace. Providing a safe, healthy and contact-less environment for employees and visitors is top of mind. TPS provides an accelerated, non-contact and safe approach to reopening New England; offering body temperature monitoring systems, customizable operator services, and more.


TPS Thermal Protect Brochure
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