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Parents Seek Innovative Solutions to Help Prevent Outbreaks in Schools

Author: Laurie Mellor, Thermal Proximity Systems

More and more schools across the country are trying to reopen for in-person learning, however, their ability to keep their doors open and ensure the safety of students, faculty and staff is untested.

The need to incorporate solid practices, approaches and protocols is necessary, and the rate of adoption is improving, but, there has been a reluctance to deploy technology that would ensure better and safer outcomes.

That is beginning to change, major brands and household names are jumping into the fray by helping schools and other institutions and their staff by delivering technology driven solutions that will make our schools safer for all so educators can focus more time on teaching.

Recently, The Clorox® Brand unveiled an innovative classroom device that detects spikes in symptoms such as coughs, sneezes, and elevated body temperature spikes within the classroom. Please see announcement here.

The solution utilizes thermal sensors and software developed by Clorox® to detect and track indicators and notify school administrators if the symptoms surpass pre-defined thresholds.

In addition to the announcement, Clorox® undertook a survey that found to detect and track indicators and notify school administrators if the symptoms surpass predefined the spread of illness.

The survey also uncovered several other key points that should help educators understand where parents stand on safely returning. Crucial findings include:

  • More than half of parents (51 percent) believe that difficulty detecting the early spread of illness is one of the biggest barriers to safely reopening schools.

  • Classrooms are the number one area of concern regarding the spread of illness-causing germs among students (31 percent), followed by the cafeteria (20 percent), playground (18 percent) and school bus (16 percent).

  • Educators are facing immense pressure as seventy-four percent (74%) of parents believe teachers are responsible for preventing an outbreak of illness at the school.

  • Three-quarters (74 percent) of parents would support the use of a device in their child's classroom that analyzes anonymous cough, sneeze, and temperature rates, and sends real-time alerts.

In fact, 72% would feel more comfortable with their kids returning to school if teachers had access to such data and seventy-eight percent (78%) believe it would help schools react more quickly to potential outbreaks.

Thermal Proximity Systems is happy and excited to see that Clorox® has created a solution that will help many reduce and suppress the spread of COVID-19 and protect communities and promote health.

Our experience in helping schools and businesses return safely to their facilities with confidence has been the hallmark of our business by helping organizations determine the right processes, protocols, approaches and tools.

Also, we provide two (2) technically enhanced solutions to promote increased safety and awareness.

  • Thermal Protect is our thermal body scanning solution that identifies if individuals are wearing masks and have an elevated body temperature.

  • Distance Plus provides up-to-the-moment data on the proximity and concentration, not just the capacity of a room or public meeting space, of everyone at your location(s) using real-time anonymized tracking allowing you to create a distance-friendly environment that is safe.

We applaud Clorox® and their approach to classroom safety as it helps extend our ability to help clients utilize a layered approach to protect individuals and ensure safety.

Please reach out to us as we are committed to help schools, universities, library’s and businesses return safe, stay safe and be confident.

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