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Pandemic-Related Lawsuits on the Rise

Since March, there have been 937 lawsuits filed against employers due to alleged violations related to the coronavirus, according to the legal intelligence website JD Supra. Every month the number of lawsuits filed has steadily increased. One of the reasons driving these lawsuits is the influx of new state and federal legislation mandating that businesses do more to protect their employees.

Anyone who runs a business knows that it has never been more challenging to do so. You have to worry about the virus itself as well as the potential lawsuits. The Turing Shield Thermal Scanner is designed to help protect you from both — with the least possible disruption to your workday, your employees and your bottom line

The Turing Shield does fundamental tasks, such as temperature checks, mask detection, and contact tracing, but it does them in an absolutely progressive way that maximizes efficiency and effectiveness.

The scanners process starts before an employee even begins their day. Using their smartphone, the employee takes a 30-second health questionnaire, based on CDC guidelines. This questionnaire generates a QR code that appears on the employee’s smartphone. Next, the employee enters the workplace and stands in front of the Turing Shield, which looks like this:

The employee holds the QR code up to the Turing Shield, which launches the system’s powerful hardware and artificial intelligence technology. The thermal scanner pinpoints the exact spot on an employee’s forehead where the temperature reading yields the highest accuracy. At the same time that the temperature is being checked, the thermal scanner is also confirming that the employee is wearing a mask. The scanner then prints a badge the employee can wear indicating they are cleared to report to work.

Its physical processes aside, The Turing Shield’s greatest advantage lies in its documentation. All of this information is stored every day for each employee in a highly secure cloud-based data management platform. This is the record-keeping, available in an instant, that employers can use to launch quick and effective contact tracing in the event an employee tests positive for COVID-19. It is also the record-keeping that an employer can use to protect themselves against frivolous pandemic-related lawsuits.

If you’d like to learn more about the Turing Shield, including how it’s being used in your industry specifically, contact us at or by calling 508.356.4830 We’d love to answer any questions you might have or provide any information you might need.

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