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Minimize Workplace Risk

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

Workplaces everywhere are being impacted by regulations due to COVID-19. Testing is not enough when it comes to minimizing your organizations risk. All of the pieces need to be in place to responsibly open and operate safely.

The challenge organizations face is the need to provide daily testing of all employees and visitors to ensure a safe environment and then must maintain those records documenting what was done to keep the workplace safe.

Thermal Proximity Systems offers a non-contact body temperature scanner and data access platform that will keep your work place compliant and safe. The Thermal Scanner is available in single or multi-person models. This solution:

  • Mitigates risks by aligning with CDC guidelines

  • Provides accurate temperature readings within 1 second

  • Enables badge printing, time clock integration, and door and HID access controls

  • Securely stores all access, visitor, time clock and temperature data and the CDC questionnaire documentation

How the system works:


The Thermal Scanner begins with a quick health-screening questionnaire completed on an employee or visitor's smartphone.


The Scanner takes the individuals temperature and detects if a mask is being worn. If the individual is cleared, the scanner generates a badge or a 'clear to proceed' message. Messages can be customized.


Organizations can manage multiple sites from a single location. All access data, visitor data, time clock data, temperature data and CDC questionnaire attestations are securely archived and easily retrieved.

Today, safety in public places and workplaces are top of mind. Having the right protocols in place sets your organization apart from the rest. Contact Thermal Proximity Systems to learn how our systems can help increase safety and build confidence within your work place today! (508) 356-4805 |

TPS_Thermal Monitoring Guide Book
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