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Return to Work - Three (3) Simple Things you can Do...

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Let's face it folk's, there are only three (3) things any of us can do to stay safe going back to work. The answer is so simple and effective, however, we can't seem to master the approach outlined by our health leaders.

As we return to work under the pressure we all feel to reignite the economy we have to stay cognizant of and focused upon three (3) immutable facts that will keep us healthy.

  1. People with an elevated temperature should not leave their house and certainly should not be allowed to enter a business, school, restaurant or other public gathering space.

  2. Masks need to become a permanent piece of our business uniform until there is a cure or vaccine.

  3. The "only" way to truly prevent the spread of the virus is to stay a minimum of six (6) feet away from other individuals.

Remember, that means a 6-foot | 360-degree halo around every man, woman, and child within a public space...

That's literally the only way we've been able to bend the curve and leave our houses - there's no other answers or approach that works.

Now, we can deploy technology, processes, and protocols to smooth things out and speed up the movement of people - but in the end, it's all about being considerate of the people around you and applying some old fashion horse sense when navigating areas where people commonly gather.

We'll get through this, but we'll need to bear down, focus, and begin eliminating some of the obstacles that cause us to pause instead of purposefully and continuously moving forward.

We will continue to find new approaches and technology to ease our re-entry into the workplace. We'll look to you to provide the leadership and safe environment required to show your people the way forward.

Oh and as my dear departed mother, Jane Mellor, used to say - "damn it Gig, stop touching things around here and go wash your hands". Turns out - your mother is always right!

Please return safe, stay safe and be confident - the world needs you...

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