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Laurie Mellor – Thermal Proximity Systems Managing Partner | Chief Executive Officer & Financial Officer

2020… We need to protect each other and ourselves today and well into the future. COVID-19 has not gone away, and the process of getting vaccines into enough arms is months and months away.

2021 needs to be the year of turning things around. Everyone has their own beliefs and opinions on what, where, when and how we should proceed. However, I believe there is one common denominator that binds all of us and that is we all want to come out of this stronger as individuals, communities and as a nation.

We can choose to focus on ourselves and others to ensure that we all emerge from this terrible time safely by being more considerate, compassionate, and smarter in our actions.

None of this comes to an end with a vaccine. We need to protect ourselves against this and future pandemics and keep our selves and others safe & healthy.

We are our future, and my hope is we all work together to make our lives happy, healthy and safe to ensure we return to an assemblance of the world we knew and can spend quality time with the ones we love and respect.

We have the knowledge, power, and technology available to keep us safe. A corollary would be how the TSA enables us to safely travel via airplanes by combining solid processes, protocols and technology.

Our world has changed, and we’ll have to adapt to certain things we’re still not comfortable with at this time. We may be able to dispense with wearing masks in several months, however, the need will exist to scan people for harbingers of disease, keep our distance when gathered, and control pedestrian flow within businesses, schools, restaurants, and stores.

We can return safe, stay safe and be confident in our daily interactions if we make the alterations necessary and look for the proper tools, processes and technologies to return to the lives we all knew and loved.

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