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Ensure a safe return with analytics, IoT and artificial intelligence

As vaccinations are slowly becoming available and being distributed in several states, organizations are now considering how and when to reopen the workplace.

While businesses begin to reopen, in order to do so safely it is important to remember that employee and visitor safety is the number one priority of the business. The leaders of these businesses need to be aware of each and every step that the organization is taking and how those steps will affect the health and safety of everyone.

How can organizations put employee and visitor healthy first while still maintaining opening as a priority?

As businesses reopen, it is imperative to create environments that facilitate healthy and safe interactions and sustainable workplace operations. Our thermal screening kiosks, social distancing/proximity monitoring systems, and contract tracing solutions bring together the latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) Sensor technologies with advanced analytics to provide your place of work with real-time insights and alerts of the workplace and employees. By using these insights your business can safely conduct elevated body temperature screening and monitoring, manage occupancy, social distancing, and contact tracing, all while ensuring employee privacy and safety.

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