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Effective Precautions to Keep Your Restaurant Safe

In 2020, dining has developed into an altogether different experience for both employees and patrons. For months, restaurants were mandated to operate under limited services or close their doors completely due to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. More than six months after states implemented stay-at-home orders, over 100,000 restaurants and bars have permanently closed due COVID-19 according to estimates from the National Restaurant Association. Restaurant sales are forecasted to have lost $240 billion in sales this year due to the pandemic.

Indoor dining introduces the critical need for effective safety measures to provide protection, safety and confidence within the establishment. Industry experts predict that the cold weather will put an end to outdoor dining and create concern for a potential second wave of infections. A report from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) linked restaurant dining to increased risk of transmitting and contracting Covid-19. Although arguable, an agreeable factor that remains is the costs associated with unexpectedly closing down (again), professionally cleaning and sanitizing the establishment, and attempting to repair the damage to the reputation when reopening. All of these components create overwhelming risk for restaurant owners everywhere. Along with considering the risk of another confirmed case that is traced back to the restaurant causing the slew of unexpected expenses and liability risks. The cost and stress associated with the risk and liability begin to pile up.

Safety in public places and workplaces are top of mind. The fear within business owners, employees, and patrons creates a universal need for a reopening strategy that provides safety and protection for both your establishment and your people. Having the right protocols in place sets your establishment apart from the rest.

Having the right protocols in place sets your restaurant apart from the rest. Thermal Proximity Systems provides establishments with the necessary protocols and procedures to put in place to reopen safely with peace of mind that they are protected, their employees and customers are protected, and they are in full compliance with the latest best-practices and regulations. Learn about our temperature monitoring system that accomplishes four critical COVID-19 protocols into one easy-to-use solution today! For more information, contact us at or call us directly at (508) 356-4830!

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