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Distance Plus: Automate Safety in Your Organization

The world as we know it is continuing to change daily. The bottom line is that organizations are not going to be able to reopen and operate safely without strong post-pandemic planning for employee and visitor movement. Social distancing is an everyday practice that individuals are still trying to get accustomed to. On going efforts across the work to hand signs and tape lines and other markings to the floor but people still are struggling to comply to the social distancing rules. This has created a real fear of proximity for some. Knowing how to effectively and safely manage your workplace as Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines recommend, or if the government enforces minimizing operations again in sight of new waves of infection is vital.

Thermal Proximity Systems (TPS) Distance Plus systems provide a non-contact method to safely, responsibly and quickly track distancing and proximity of individuals. If individuals are not within the preset range (usually 6ft) an automatic alert is sent to the designated operator to warn of those who come in close proximity.

Our Distance Plus system uses sophisticated sensors and passive distancing and proximity of individuals in a specific location. Predefined alerts can be programmed for a more efficient fight against COVID-19. The system alerts when individuals are too close to one another reducing stress in today’s new normal while increasing the safety of employees and visitors. Contact our team of safety specialist to learn more: (508) 356-4830.

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