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Detect Elevated Temperatures at the Door

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

Around the world, governments and other entities are either currently using or planning to implement thermal temperature scanning as an integral part of their strategy to reopen safely.

Thermal Proximity Systems (TPS) provides Thermal Temperature Scanning systems used to detect potential cases of COVID-19 and filter out individuals who are suspected of being at risk from the virus. The technology cannot directly identify COVID-19. Instead, the system detects elevated temperatures that may be due to a fever, which is one of the most common symptoms of the virus. This system is also capable of detecting if a face mask is present (if applicable), perform CDC standard questionnaires, and allow/deny access based on the individual's screening.

This non-invasive system can be set up at the entrance of a workplace or public venue to screen those entering for the presence of a fever. The system will automatically scans individuals and will display a warning of any individual with a temperature above the predetermined threshold. Individuals at risk can verify their temperature with a secondary screening such as a medical thermometer and be directed to get appropriate medical attention.

With precautions being so crucial in today’s new normal, this system can save lives and

assist organizations to prevent loss of revenue due to the pandemic. TPS brings together the technology, expertise, support, and financial flexibility to meet your organization's exact needs and support you through these unpredictable times and beyond. Learn how we can help your organization navigate the impacts of COVID-19. (508)356-4830

TPS_Thermal Monitoring Guide Book
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