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COVID-19 the MATH is Simple

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Written by:

Laurie Mellor

Chief Executive Office & Financial Officer Thermal Proximity Systems

We have all been bombarded with tons of information on COVID-19, from where it started to how long it will take to find a vaccine. At some level we are paralyzed with fear, uncertainty, and doubt about our health and well-being.

That coupled with the anxiety many have about the economy and the fear of losing their livelihood have shaken us to the core.

It’s all too much to contemplate as our information outlets and social media sources continue the non-stop news cycle that is our 7 x 24 x 365 connected world.

So, what is a person to do?

The reality is it’s tough for me or any other person to fix the economy, that’s going to take its own course, but individuals can stay safe and protect the health of those around them.

We can actually solve the problem by simply social and physical distancing until a cure or vaccine arrives. Distancing coupled with a few other key approaches keeps me safe and others safe, while suppressing the worry I have in regards to being out and about with others.

In fact, I’m so committed to the approach that I’ve created an acronym called MATH that I use to keep my head in the game and stay as safe as possible.

MATH stands for Mask And distancing, Temperature, Handwashing…

Sure, it’s something we hear about when we see Dr. Fauci, Dr. Birx or our local hero’s, the doctors, nurses and other essential personnel that are working tirelessly to provide us care, comfort, and food.

Sometimes all it takes is a guide and simple reminder to do what you know you should do and MATH is my North Star.

You see it day in and day out, otherwise highly intelligent people, who see some old friends, immediately let their guard down and rationalize that it’s OK to return to the ways of old, but you just can’t do it – the stakes are too high for all of us.

Let’s do the MATH, it’s simple!

Laurie Mellor

Chief Executive Office & Financial Officer Thermal Proximity Systems

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