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Are You Protecting Your Employees and Business from COVID-19?

What happens if someone were to get infected while at work?

Do you have accurate records that you can recall if you get sued?

Did you know that in many states it is up to the company to prove that they are not negligent if an employee/guest gets infected?

COVID-19 Regulations for Businesses

Across the county, regulations are being drafted to protect workers during the COVID-19 pandemic: • The U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill requiring all federal agencies to publish plans for reopening and submit reports on how they are complying with requirements. • If a worker contracts the virus, it is the employer’s responsibility to prove it did not happen in the workplace. And employers are required to report a COVID-19 outbreak to employees and local health officials within a required time frame, typically one business day.

These regulations have had a dramatic impact on workplaces everywhere.

Businesses need to provide daily testing of all employees and visitors to ensure a safe worksite, and then must maintain records detailing what was done to keep the work environment safe.

Thermal Proximity Systems offers a non-contact body temperature scanning system that will keep your workplace compliant and safe for employees and visitors. Our Systems:

  • Mitigate risks aligning with CDC guidelines

  • Provides automated, highly accurate temperature readings within 3 seconds

  • Enables badge printing, time clock integration, and access control features

  • Securely stores all access data, visitor data, time clock data, temperature data, and CDC questionnaire

TPS_Thermal Monitoring Guide Book
Download PDF • 2.17MB

Learn how our systems can help your business increase safety and build confidence today! Contact TPS | 508.356.4830

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