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Thermal Proximity Systems is a certified partner with Enersound. With this partnership we are able to expand our current thermal offerings for cost-effective solutions for organizations of all sizes. The Enersound thermal monitoring access control system can recognize people’s faces, screen their temperature, and based on preset rules allow or deny entry access, by activating automatic doors or turnstiles, among other peripherals. Alerts are displayed on the screen along with audible voice alarms, which can be customized. Avoid having a person dedicated to manually screening the temperature of visitors and employees with a contact less conventional thermometers. Let the people who come into your business/facilities know that you are doing everything that you can in order to protect them. Providing peace of mind to employees/visitors by reducing the risk of having potentially infected people inside your facility/facilities.




Helping to maintain a safer and more secure environment for your organization.

Temperature Monitoring


  • Face recognition with non-contact infrared screening

  • Real-time video stream support to a PC

  • Melexis Belgian sensing technology with ±0.3 degrees accuracy

  • Two 2-megapixel cameras for face detection

  • Customizable voice alarm

  • 7-inch IPS screen (1280x 720)

  • IR Led+ White Led dual light design

  • Mask and helmet detection

  • Embedded Linux operating system, with high reliability and stability


  • Education and Day Cares

  • Small, Medium & Large Businesses

  • Factories and Warehouses

  • Commercial Spaced

  • Hotels and Restaurants

  • Healthcare Facilities

  • Public Venues

  • Theaters and Arenas

  • Nursing Homes

  • Gyms and other Sports Facilities

Temperature Monitoring Systems


Reduce the risk of employees and customers being exposed to COVID-19 with wall mounted thermal scanner that allows you to set up in a stationary location to help prevent the spread of the virus even further.




Perfect device to quickly measure the temperature of all entrants to a location and is accurate to within ±0.5°F. It uses a near-infrared sensor array and AI-driven facial recognition technology to provide a pass/fail signal in only 2-3 seconds. 




Adjustable Temperature Detecting Kiosk units provide proactive protection for your organization against the spread of COVID-19. Detection units are easily installed at building entrances or high traffic areas to reduce the risk of symptomatic individuals entering the premises.



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